VIDEO NEJM Descargables – 1ra Parte

mayo 22, 2009


Aqui les dejo unos link que consegui gracias a un amigo. Son los videos de NEJM. Son todos y son descargables, estan en RAPIDSHARED.  Son aproximadamente 14 videos. como todos sabemos estan en ingles. Ademas les hago el link con el pdf para el texto de cada video. ESTA ES LA 1ra PARTE

Abscess Abscess Incision and Drainage


Incision and drainage is the primary therapy for cutaneous abscess management, as antibiotic treatment alone is inadequate for treating many of these loculated collections of infectious material. Most localized skin abscesses without associated cellulitis can be managed with simple incision and drainageDescargar Video / Descargar Pdf
Chest-Tube Insertion
Chest-Tube Insertion

The insertion of a pleural chest tube is often done in a setting where immediate action is required. Nonetheless, adherence to sterility, analgesia, sound technique, and safety are always warranted. Indications The most common indications for chesttubeDescargar Video / Descargar Pdf
Thoracentesis is used diagnostically to establish the cause of a pleural effusion. It can also be performed to drain large effusions that lead to respiratory compromise... Descargar Video / Descargar Pdf
Puncion Lumbar
Lumbar Puncture

This video will demonstrate safe and successful methods of performing lumbar puncture. Lumbar puncture is indicated for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Descargar Video / Descargar Pdf
Uretharl male
Male Urethral Catheterization
Urethral catheterization may be performed as either a therapeutic or a diagnostic procedure. Therapeutically, catheters may be placed to decompress the bladder in patients with acute or chronic urinary retention…Descargar Video / Descargar Pdf
Positive-Pressure Ventilation with a Face Mask   and a Bag-Valve Device
Description: Ortega R, Mehio AK, Woo A, Hafez DH
positivepressure ventilation with a face mask and a bagvalve device can be a lifesaving maneuver. Although seemingly simple, the technique requires an understanding of the airway anatomy, the equipment, and the indications…Descargar Video / Descargar Pdf
Placenment of arterial lien
Placement of an Arterial Line
Description:Tegtmeyer K, Brady G, Lai S, Hodo R, Braner D
his video will demonstrate arterial line placement in the radial artery using two of the many techniques available for arterial line placement, an over-the-wire technique and an over-the-needle technique.Descargar Video / Descargar Pdf
Pelvic Examination
Edelman A, Anderson J, Lai S, Braner DAV, Tegtmeyer K
Demonstrate how to perform a comprehensive pelvic examination, which includes an examination of the external genitalia, a Papanicolaou test, a bimanual examination, as well as a rectovaginal examination


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